Helping Mike Bloomberg with political reform across the country

for Bloomberg Philanthropies

Mike Bloomberg’s legacy as America’s most innovative Mayor has allowed him to participate in efforts across the nation to make our political system more open and transparent, allow our schools to embrace great teachers and give parents more choices, and help remove illegal guns from our streets.

Tusk Strategies has spent the past six years working to help implement Mayor Bloomberg’s agenda across the nation. Whether it’s raising the cap on the number of charter schools allowed in New York, working on non-partisan election referendums across the nation, or helping elect Congressional candidates willing to take on the flow of illegal guns, we proudly play a constant role in helping develop and execute Mike’s vision and agenda.

Our Services:

  • Multi-Jurisdictional Campaign Management
  • Grassroots Political Strategy
  • Media/Outreach Strategy
  • Coalition Building

Featured Articles:

“Whenever I need new ideas, a sounding board or someone to take on a complicated project with lots of moving parts, I call Bradley and his team. They’re creative, they’re smart, they work hard and they get things done.”

Howard Wolfson, Bloomberg Philanthropies