Fighting attacks from governments across the nation

for Expedia

Expedia Inc., the largest online travel company in the world, constantly faces attacks on its business model from the hotel industry, who perpetually tries to convince states to pass new taxes on online travel booking. In response, Expedia hired Tusk Strategies to coordinate grassroots initiatives that identify, recruit, and mobilize stakeholders (small business owners and labor leaders) to support pro-travel initiatives.

Working with Expedia Inc., Tusk Strategies identifies support from business owners in states across the nation to help influence legislation at the municipal, state, and federal levels of government. So far, our work has covered Utah, Virginia, Tennessee, New Mexico, New York, California, Texas, Oregon, Indiana, Kentucky, Montana, Arkansas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Hawaii, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Minnesota, Washington DC, Maryland, West Virginia, Maine and Rhode Island.

Our Services:

  • Multi-Jurisdictional Campaign Management
  • Political Strategy
  • Mobilizing Stakeholders
  • Navigating Regulatory Environments

Featured Articles:

“Companies like Expedia started disrupting the travel sector before anyone even knew what disrupting meant. That didn’t sit well with the incumbents and they’ve done their best to force new taxes on us in dozens of states around the country. We built a national campaign to protect our customers and Tusk Strategies helped us marshall the support we needed to win in state after state, year after year.”

Brent Thompson, SVP, Government and Corporate Affairs at Expedia, Inc.