Navigating the political climate in NYC and beyond

for Uber

Disrupting the taxi market doesn’t happen easily. As Uber began entering new markets across the United States, they faced challenges from the taxi industry, taxi regulators, and a variety of government agencies from insurance departments to public utility commissions.

We helped Uber assess the situation in key markets from New York to Denver, Los Angeles to Chicago, Boston to Philadelphia, Washington DC to Miami, Houston to Detroit, build the right teams on the ground, manage the regulatory process, and eventually put a long-term leadership team in place. To those in the political world, it was as if it were an intense, high level political campaign. But we believe it is how startups facing these types of challenges must operate.

Our Services:

  • Management
  • Marketing Plan & Execution
  • Shaping Reputations
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Campaign Management

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