Our Team
Bradley Tusk is the founder of Tusk Strategies, a political and strategic consulting firm based in New York City. Tusk Strategies helps clients facing complex goals develop and execute full scale campaigns.
Christina joined Tusk Strategies to focus on the development of digital archives, assisting with both the design and implementation of online platforms for our clients.
Chris runs our New York City practice where he works with clients like AT&T, the Bloomberg Foundation, NY Presbyterian Hospital and Standard Chartered Bank. Chris also helps lead our Tech & Public Policy projects. Prior to joining Tusk Strategies, Chris worked for Mike Bloomberg for 12 years. He served at City Hall, served on Mayor’s three electoral campaigns, and served at Bloomberg L.P.
Marissa focuses on the research aspects of several projects with the Tusk Strategies team.
Julijana focuses on handling client communications at Tusk Strategies. She assists the team in pitching clients, as well as managing the firm’s research needs.
Bob Greenlee provides strategic advisory, legal, public advocacy, and financial services to clients in a diverse range of industries.
Melissa focuses on client campaign development and management. She has experience developing advocacy campaigns from the ground up and is well-versed in organizing and executing various client projects and events as well as coordinating logistical plans.
Geoffery manages various campaigns for our corporate and non-profit clients, focusing on public-private partnerships, grassroots initiatives, and advocacy campaigns across the nation.
Bita joined Tusk Strategies to build and lead our Archives business. We design and build bespoke legacy tools for individuals, families, foundations, and businesses who need a powerful platform to organize and securely store their historical materials in order to shape their legacy and help tell their story in the public and private spheres.
Marla Kanemitsu brings 15 years of experience helping clients develop and execute strategic plans to manage risk and resolve disputes.
Virginie Raphael brings extensive experience working with U.S. state and local governments, focusing on public-private partnerships, municipal finance, and the preparation of requests for proposals.
Scott developed and runs our practice to help colleges, universities and institutions across the nation improve their performance in quantitative and qualitative ranking and metrics. Scott additionally manages the efforts of the Tusk/Montgomery Family Foundation to provide sophisticated political counsel and expertise to hunger advocacy groups and food banks in cities and states across the country to better leverage government benefits and funding on issues like school breakfasts, food stamp enrollment and other issues that impact hunger and food insecurity.
Menashe brings a wealth of experience as an opposition research expert and campaign strategist, and focuses on due diligence, municipal finance, zoning, government contracting and licensing.
Gabe brings over forty years of business experience to the Tusk Strategies team, and oversees the company’s finances.
Tusk Strategies develops, manages and executes full-scale campaigns.

When someone has a lot at stake - whether they are a Fortune 500 company, a major issue advocacy group, or institution - and they want someone to professionally manage their campaign for them, they hire us. We develop the underlying strategy, we help put together the team, and then we run the campaign through to completion, day in, day out.