Tusk Strategies develops, manages and executes full-scale campaigns. We craft the right strategy and approach to ensure that our clients accomplish their goals.

With clients across the public, private and non-profit sectors - each with different needs, goals, resources and challenges - we know where to start and how to get the job done.


Multi-City and State Campaigns
Tusk Strategies specializes in running campaigns for clients who have either major goals or are facing major challenges that involve city government or state government. In each case, we help develop the underlying strategy to achieve the goal or solve the problem facing our client, build a team of local experts - lobbyists, pr firms, pollsters, digital - to help make the case, and then run each effort like a sophisticated political campaign.

New York
Many of our clients are focused on achieving specific goals or solving specific problems in New York.

Education Reform
Education is one of our primary interests and areas of focus. On all ends of the spectrum, ranging from k-12 reform organizations to career college reform coalitions to for-profit pre-schools to news organizations, major institutions of high learning and more.

Advocacy Campaigns
Tusk Strategies helps run major advocacy campaigns for our clients on behalf of various, meaningful causes.

Tusk Strategies develops, manages and executes full-scale campaigns.

When someone has a lot at stake - whether they are a Fortune 500 company, a major issue advocacy group, or institution - and they want someone to professionally manage their campaign for them, they hire us. We develop the underlying strategy, we help put together the team, and then we run the campaign through to completion, day in, day out.