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Education Reform

Tusk Strategies has worked on some of the most innovative and successful education reform initiatives across the country. We know the challenges education faces from both government and politics, and how to best approach reform with a tactical campaign to maximize results.

Our work with Education Reform Now to lift the cap on the number of charter schools allowed in New York State employed a variety of diverse campaign tools – everything from knocking on doors like a traditional field operation to robust paid and earned media plans ranging from tv ads to op-eds to an active social media presence. The culmination of this campaign yielded the legislation needed for New York to submit a successful bid in the federal Race to the Top competition, resulting in $700 million in new federal funding for New York's schools.

Our firm was an integral part NBC News’ first annual Education Nation in September 2010. For this landmark event, we attracted high profile elected officials to attend the nationally-televised Education Nation Summit, take part in the two-day event and advised NBC News on the often very politically-charged education reform landscape.

Students First, led by former Washington, D.C. Public School Chancellor Michelle Rhee, is the first comprehensive attempt to pursue and implement education reform across the country. Tusk Strategies has had an integral role in shaping Students First – helping ensure that the organization had all of the right tools, and strategies to achieve real reform. Tusk Strategies is working with Students First to launch full campaigns in target states and cities across the nation to pass decisive and uncompromising education reforms.

The Partnership for Education in Newark is a community-based campaign to solicit the input of Newarkers on how to use the $100 million dollar grant from Facebook founder and philanthropist, Mark Zuckerberg to improve their schools. Tusk Strategies was tapped to help organize the largest community engagement campaign in Newark history – using paid media, field campaigning, and community forums to gather education reform ideas from Newarkers.

Tusk Strategies joined Success Charter Network, to launch a campaign to bring a high performing charter school to Manhattan’s Upper West Side and bring the benefits of charter schools to families from all income levels, including the middle class. Using various tools such as a daily field campaign, social media engagement, paid media and a targeted earned media plan, we have successfully demonstrated the need and desire for more affordable education options in a neighborhood that clearly needs them.

Tusk Strategies is running a campaign to generate community and media support for the decision to close 25 failing schools in New York City. The rocky reception and ensuing litigation that accompanied last year's closings precipitated the need for a real campaign this year to locate and publicize support for the decision.

Tusk Strategies develops, executes and manages full scale campaigns. We craft the right strategy and the right approach to ensure that our clients accomplish their goals. With clients across the public, private and non-profit sectors, each with different needs, each with different goals, resources and challenges, we know where to start, how to make the right decisions and adjustments, and how to drive the effort in order to succeed.

 Campaign Management
 Political Strategy
With our work to date – both campaigns we have completed and those underway – we have made and will continue to make a significant impact on New York and across the nation.