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Corporate Campaigns

Every day, Tusk Strategies works with an array of major corporations to help them both develop the right strategy to achieve their goal and then execute the campaign necessary to actually turn the strategy into reality.

We have experience working with a wide range of corporate clients from sectors ranging from retail to real estate, travel and tourism to telecommunications and technology, lottery and gaming, to sports and entertainment. A few good examples include our current work with WalmartResorts World New York, and Taubman, where we are helping each company enter a new market and deal with the wide range of challenges that come with market entry – local politics, labor negotiations, regulatory requirements, community relations, public relations and a host of other issues.

We also have experience serving as the full-time government affairs firm for corporate clients.  In this role, we typically oversee interactions with public and regulatory bodies, handle electoral and political matters, and help build relationships with leaders and decision-makers in various jurisdictions.