Remap amendment is building an army

The Chicago Tribune | 04.10.14

Good news for the great majority of Illinois voters who are fed up with politicians rigging the electoral maps: A grass-roots effort to amend the state constitution has collected almost 350,000 signatures — and banked more than $2.5 million in campaign contributions from a diverse lineup of supporters. Read more

DirecTV Reaches Deal With Weather Channel

The Wall Street Journal | 04.08.14

DirecTV reached an agreement to restore the Weather Channel to its program lineup, after a months-long dispute between the two companies over program fees. Read more

'Hackathons' Aim to Solve Health Care's Ills

The Wall Street Journal | 04.07.14

Hackathons, the high-octane, all-night problem-solving sessions popularized by the software-coding community, are making their way into the more traditional world of health care. Read more

How to keep great teachers

New York Daily News | 03.31.14

There aren’t many things in life you can count on, but here’s one: Whenever it’s time for the city to negotiate a new contract with the United Federation of Teachers, the union will sound the alarm about teachers fleeing to the suburbs because of low salaries. Read more

Dr. Oz, NY Presbyterian Announce City's First Hospital 'Hackathon'

DNAinfo | 03.10.14

Signing up for health insurance or scheduling a doctor's appointment? Uptown techies may soon have an app for that. Read more

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