Uber Improves Life, Economists Agree

The New York Times | 10.01.14

It’s like Uber, for economists. Simply click on the website of the Economic Experts panel hosted by the Initiative on Global Markets at the University of Chicago, and it will immediately summon an easily digested summary of the insights of mainstream economics into continuing political controversies. As with Uber, the results are convenient, reliable and mobile-friendly. All of this is powered by a network not of drivers looking for riders, but of leading economists from an array of schools of thought and political persuasions willing to be surveyed about controversial public policy issues. Read more

What Uber and School Choice Have in Common

The Wall Street Journal | 09.29.14

When President Lyndon Johnson announced the creation of the Transportation Department 48 years ago this month, he said that one of the agency's goals would be to "bring new technology to every mode of transportation." Nearly half a century later, Uber is doing just that, allowing customers to order and pay for trips on their smartphone. Satisfied passengers, drivers and investors are singing Uber's tagline: Choice is a Beautiful Thing. Read more

Our Opinion: Open primary appeals to more voters

Portland Tribune | 09.25.14

Ballot Measure 90 — the open primary initiative — won’t cure all afflictions that plague the election process in Oregon and elsewhere, but it would give more people the chance to participate in choosing their leaders. Read more

Treating primary elections like gated neighborhoods: Editorial Agenda 2014

The Oregonian | 09.24.14

What would you call an organized effort to minimize the number of voters participating in an election? If you're like most people, you'd call it voter suppression. But if you belong to a well-funded group that benefits from treating elections like gated neighborhoods, you'd mount a campaign to keep out the riffraff and call yourselves – get this – "Protect our Vote." Emphasis on "our." Read more

Residents Battle for Casinos

The Wall Street Journal | 09.24.14

The casino rivalry between the Catskills and Orange County was on full display Tuesday at a public hearing here that often took the tone of a campaign rally complete with promotional T-shirts and banners. Read more

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