M.T.A., AT&T announce winners of transit app competition

Capital New York | 03.30.15

A mobile application that alerts riders by voice and text about train arrival times won the $10,000 grant prize for best accessibility app for customers with disabilities in this year's M.T.A. and AT&T's App Quest 3.0 competition. Read more

Uber alles

New York Post | 03.30.15

Uber now has more drivers than the yellow-cab industry has medallions. That’s after only four years, and doesn’t count other new services like Lyft. And it’s still early stages. Read more

DWI arrests, crashes decreasing | 03.03.15

The number of people drinking and driving appears to be decreasing, according to the Austin Police Department -- good news on the heels of the city's largest event, South by Southwest. Read more

Cuomo’s last hope: For a legacy, fix New York’s schools

New York Post | 03.03.15

Andrew Cuomo is at a crossroads. He’s 57. He just started his second term as governor. And he hopes one day to do what his dad never did: become president. Unfortunately, his record so far in New York won’t be enough to get him elected. And while he’s unlikely to run next year, he’ll surely need to chalk up some notable accomplishments if he’s to make a go of it in 2020 or 2024. The good news? Cuomo has time to boost his legacy — and help his state, too. But he needs to think big, and he needs to act now — because the uphill climb he faces is enormous. Read more

Parents Rally In Support of Gov. Cuomo’s Education Reforms

New York Observer | 02.19.15

Hundreds of parents gathered Wednesday at Medgar Evers College, Crown Heights in support of Governor Cuomo’s Opportunity Agenda for the New York education sector. In his State of the State address last month, Cuomo shook things up by calling for a massive education reform to include a greater teacher evaluation system and a boost to the education budget, should Albany pass the agenda. Read more

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