Rolling the Dice: NYC a Big Player in Casino Bidding Process Despite Local Moratorium

NY1 | 08.20.14

New York's planned casinos are aimed at reviving the upstate economy. However, New York City—and its 54 million annual tourists—is exerting a kind of gravitational pull. While for now, casinos are confined to these three regions upstate, six out of 16 bids are clustered in Orange County, within driving distance of the city. Read more

Oregonians should vote for top-two primary: Editorial endorsement

The Oregonian | 08.18.14

Far be it from us to complain about anything that gets voters interested in the November 2014 ballot. So, hooray for the spirited debate over Measures 91 and 92, which would, respectively, legalize recreational marijuana and require labels on foods produced with genetic engineering. But there are seven measures on the ballot this year, and at least one of them deserves a lot more attention than it's getting. It's Measure 90, and it would create a top-two primary. Read more

Draining the swamp

The Daily News | 08.08.14

The de Blasio administration makes a little progress in reducing the Absent Teacher Reserve pool. Now, there's much tougher work ahead. Read more

Learning In Brownsville, New York: Challenges For A Community Organizer

Forbes | 07.31.14

Marcus Newman hails from Buffalo, New York, Marcus Newman comes from a family of education. His mother has worked on and off as a public school teacher for twenty years, and his brother recently began the New York City Teaching Fellows program. His father is a small business owner, but was civic minded as well. Read more

Working Families Party endorses top-two primary initiative on Oregon ballot

The Oregonian | 07.29.14

The major and minor political parties have generally been staunch supporters of keeping Oregon's current partisan primary system. But Oregon's Working Families Party is breaking ranks to endorse the top-two primary initiative that will be on the November ballot. Read more

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