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Campaign Management

Tusk Strategies runs campaigns. We offer the expertise, judgment, relationships and persistence needed to develop a winning strategy and execute it effectively.

Whether you're a candidate running for office, an issue advocacy group facing political or legislative hurdles, a major corporation trying to overcome the challenges of breaking into a new market or anyone else who needs to achieve a complex goal involving government or politics – we can help figure out the right strategy to achieve your goal, put together the team needed to win, and then execute every phase of the operation, from overseeing lobbying to legal, public relations to polling, grassroots to grasstops, direct mail to digital, and beyond.

Tusk Strategies develops, manages and executes full-scale campaigns. When someone has a lot at stake - whether they are a Fortune 500 company, a major issue advocacy group, or a candidate for office - and they want someone to professionally manage their campaign for them, they hire us. We develop the underlying strategy, we help put together the team, and then we run the campaign through to completion, day in, day out.