Team Tusk

Dani Frese

Dani Frese executes communications strategy for Tusk Strategies companies through initiatives including media relations, content creation, and opposition research. Dani also supports Tusk Philanthropies’ communications efforts — with a focus on Tusk’s anti-hunger work.

Before joining Tusk, Dani worked at the Tory Burch L.L.C. headquarters in New York City — a women-led fashion powerhouse that emphasizes ambition and service. Dani has also held various roles in the legal field, most recently interning at Kellogg Hansen, a leading trial and appellate litigation law firm in Washington, D.C.

Originally from Miami, Florida, Dani graduated cum laude from George Washington University with a B.A. in International Affairs and Psychology in 2019. Dani was also a member of GWU’s Division I Women’s Soccer Team and a member of the starting lineup for four years — underscoring Dani’s motivation to drive a team to success.

Hometown newspaper:

The Miami Herald

Favorite Food 

A really good vegan cheese. (they exist!)