Apex Crypto (acquired by Bakkt)

Winning the biggest BitLicense in recent history and helping the new economy work at full speed

Apex Crypto (acquired by Bakkt) is a turnkey platform that delivers integrated crypto investing for customers, including robust regulatory solutions for execution, settlement and custody of digital assets. In the fall of 2021, Apex Crypto had hit a dead end in their pursuit of a BitLicense.

Press Hits

Adams’ crypto payday

Adams’ crypto payday

Taxpayers are cutting their first paycheck today for Eric Adams, which means it’s time for the new mayor to make good on one of his more unusual promises: to take the first three installments of his salary in Bitcoin.

The Stakes

High turnover at DFS, unsophisticated lobbying by their strategic advisor and a lack of political engagement by them had left them sitting in the middle of the Department’s thick pile of applications two years after submitting their application. For Apex Crypto, approval would mean gaining access to New York’s breadth of crypto investors.


The Process

We immediately produced a detailed campaign plan that (1) created opportunities for Apex to engage with influential civic leaders who could act as surrogates for the company, (2) generated news hooks that were then turned into tabloid and online (Business Insider, Politico Playbook and Morning Money) stories about Apex’s potential to create hundreds of new jobs in New York City, and (3) engaged senior leadership at DFS and the Governor’s office to ensure their application was made a priority.



Despite the departmental chaos generated due to a new governor and unconfirmed Superintendent, we successfully generated an echo chamber loud enough to not just get Apex to the front of the line, but to get Apex fully approved and licensed by March 2022.