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We develop and run really complex campaigns. Let’s say you need to win zoning approval for a big box store in 14 cities – we design and execute the campaign in each market through to completion. Let’s say you need to run a conference bringing together Mayors, Governors, CEOs, startups, VCs, and media – we design and run those. Let’s say you have to pass or block legislation in 8 different states at the same time – that’s us. Let’s say you’re a big company, you’re under attack by an activist investor and you want to fight back – that’s us too. Whether it’s a legislative battle, a regulatory fight, a communications effort, a grassroots campaign, a fight with another company, winning a procurement, creating a public private partnership, or building a major facility facing zoning challenges, our job is to figure out what it takes to win and then run the entire campaign until we win. We frequently do this for our clients in multiple markets at the same time, and while our job is to run and win campaigns, we also perform most of the campaign functions (communications, research, policy, grassroots) in house to ensure quality control and keep down total costs. We’ve run campaigns successfully in dozens of cities, 48 different states and in Washington D.C. We’re expensive. We’re intense. But if you really have a lot at stake, your odds of winning go way up if we’re involved.

Tusk Strategies’ focus and flawless implementation of complex campaigns is second to none. They came up with innovative approaches and worked tirelessly to solve our challenges and create new opportunities.

Marissa Shorenstein

President, Northeast – AT&T

The best people in the business.

We have a unique team to solve for unique problems. Our diverse group of regulatory, political and communications experts work together to navigate the hurdles that come with reshaping entrenched industries.

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