Announcing Industry-shaping Deals

Tusk jumped in at the last minute to help manage Procore’s major M&A announcements and subsequent internal change communications.

Press Hits

The Stakes

After a very successful IPO in 2021, Procore (NYSE: PCOR), the leading construction management software, was ready to accelerate its growth through a number of major acquisitions, ranging from $10-$500M.


The Process

Tusk worked with an internal Procore team to tackle two scopes of work: supporting internal Procore communications during the deal process for the acquisitions of both LaborChart and Levelset and subsequently helping lead internal communications during the post-close integration process for Levelset – the largest acquisition in the company’s history and the second largest in the industry at large ($500 million deal and 150-person team).

Both scopes of work included drafting key internal messaging, advising on information delivery and cadence, developing communications plans, building out the draft communications and seeing each of those communications out until execution. Tusk also built out master M&A plans and playbooks for Procore to utilize going forward to ensure repeatable, successful processes as Procore continues its rapid growth.


The Conclusion

The result? Smooth and effective internal acquisition announcements and a successful integration bringing Levelset into the Procore fold.